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BREAKFAST IN DUSSELDORF - breakfast in dusseldorf

Breakfast in Dusseldorf

Do you prefer it long and intensive or are you more the „Quicky-Lover“?

Frühstücken, as the word says, means „early“ breakfasting within the week. These locations are (except Hotels) are not unlimited availible.

We love to go out for breakfast and do it often in Düsseldorf. So we offer you Düsseldorfs first breakfastcomunity with a lot of nice hints and recommendations.

We rely on your suggestions and tipps of new and nice locations.

We are permanetly looking fort he „early-bird“-Spots. Of course you may have breakfast at 10h a.m. or later, but for us normal people is the late breakfast the more rarely one. We `re barely looking for spots, where breakfast is served laopen our mobile site from breakfast in dusseldorftest from 8:30h in the morning or earlier.

On weekends, we think, that breakfast may start later, may be more volumous and may last longer. Anyhow we differentiate between an early breakfast and brunch. Brunch is for us longer lasting, late starting breakfast-lunch

We invite you with to join our breakfast-blog where we refer about experienced and encoutered. Please tell us, what your experience was to share it with us.

Become Breakfast-blogger:

We like to use the didital era of smart phones and no need of profession photography. So we are looking for your Smartphone-picture of the location and breakfast, a short report and your personal impression. Best is to send it directly by mail to lecker [at]
We are looking forward to your creativ pictures, tipps and reports.
Yours breakfasters

Karlheinz and Klaus

For more or all breakfast locations, please visit our  bog site.

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breakfast in dusseldorf

→ breakfast in dusseldorf: Just next to Königsallee serves Hotel Hillesheim an early breakfast. Starting already at 7 till 12am. A yummy breakfast in nice and relaxing atmosphere.
tasty and well :: Hotel Haus Hillesheim


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